Headlight Restoration – Level 2 (Pair)

From $154.00

Lights on your car lost their brightness? Visibility on dark roads is important for your safety and your fellow drivers. Get your headlights or taillights clear of exterior oxidization and back to factory lustre.

*Level 2 service specific for delimitation of headlamps and heavy oxidation removal. Use of razor blades, low grit wet sanding, and heavy/final cut stages to return lenses to back full clarity.


+ Razor blade/Low grit wet sanding – for removal of delaminated and heavy oxidation

Wet-sanding – lenses wet-sanded with multiple grit stages to remove hazing and impurities from light housing

Polishing – lenses machine polished multiple stages to brilliance, removing any marks left by the sanding stage

UV Sealant – A UV sealant is applied to protect lens from yellowing

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