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We recommed a full interior and exterior detail every 6-12 months and a monthly “quick detail” to maintain your car’s condition. However, you may need more frequent auto detailing if you want your car to always look brand new.

Auto detailing services in Burnaby can vary in cost depending on the car’s size and the service type. A simple exterior car wash at a professional auto detailing shop can start from $20. However, a more comprehensive interior and external detailing service can cost around $300 and beyond when getting into more specialized services! Prices can vary significantly based on the size of your specific needs. Material is also a factor. For example, interior detailing, especially seat cleaning services, the cost also depends on the material of the seats (fabric or leather). Check out our auto detailing services prices for our different offerings. For more information, call us at 604.549.4949 or text us directly through our chat window at the bottom right of this screen!

Our premium auto detailing services cover everything from a basic express wash and vacuum service to shampoo, steam cleaning, full wet-sanding, paint correction and ceramic coating. At Haus of Cars, we pride ourselves on providing the best in these categories without compromise.

A car wash and vacuum primarily focuses on cleaning the vehicle’s exterior and interior, removing dirt and grime. Detailing goes much further and includes a wide array of services, cleaning and protecting the interior and exterior to showroom condition, often including wet-sanding, polishing, waxing, and deep interior cleaning, shampooing, steaming, and conditioning.

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